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Colors’ Naagin 6 was seen to increase its ratings when it was first presented to the channel. the creators of the show have made no sacrifices in the quest to make the show enjoyable. There was an indication of the program being set to be extended and then make a leap.

India Forums has already reported about Naagin’s leap. the most recent news reports indicate that the production team has made an announcement to make a massive leap. If the reports are confirmed, Naagin will make an 20-year leap. And, not only that the channel has plans to run until December.

Naagin 6

Naagin Season 6 Crew, Release Date, Timing Details

Serial Title: Naagin 6
Title in Hindi: नागिन 6
Genre: Supernatural, Thriller, Fantasy
Language: Hindi
Released Date: 12 February 2022
Channel: Colors TV
Schedule, Timing: Saturday & Sunday
(08:00 PM)
Story by: Mrinal Jha
Directed by: Santram Singh
Produced by: Ekta Kapoor
Editing by: Vikas Sharma
Sandip N Bhat
Vishal Sharma
Pooja Salve
Music by: Lalit Sen
Screenplay: Laxmi Jaikumar
Production Company: Balaji Telefilms
OTT platform: Voot Select

The production of the show will end in November and it will end air in December. Pratha is set to get married and giving the birth of a baby. The script will be based off of Pratha’s infant’s story . A number of actors will be saying goodbye during the program.In outrage, Pratha is taken back to Nagmahal and performs Tandav the Lord’s presence. Shiva. Pratha is demanding the return of the soul of Rishabh by the Lord Shiva in the celebration which occurs upon Naag panchami. Pratha is also vowing to strike back against Mahek and Urvashi.

Naagin The story of love and revenge, has kept viewers attracted since the show’s debut. This show has supernatural elements and follows the adventures of the “ichchadhari” Naagins. Follow the show, every season, this Naagin is fighting evil, while protecting the power source the ‘naagmani’ out of the grip of evil

Naagin 6 is currently among the top-rated shows on television and stars Tejasswi Prakash Simba Nagpal along with Mahek Chahal in key roles. The love story between Pratha and Virat is appreciated by viewers. It has been performing extremely well on TV ratings charts right from its beginnings and enjoyed huge appreciation from viewers. There stories on the internet suggesting the show may stop airing.

In the India Forums report, a source has revealed that Tejasswi Prakash who is in the film ‘Naagin ‘ is preparing to make a leap in age. Soon, Pratha may get married, and give birth to the baby. The future storyline of the show will be centered around the story of the baby, and some actors will leave the show.

The reports also state that this show is scheduled to air its finale episode at the end of the week on 7th October , 2022.

The plot of Naagin 6 revolves around Pratha also known as Kiara performing a fake wedding for Rajesh as Rishabh is killed in a fire tragedy. Pratha recognizes and realizes that Rishabh was innocent and it was not Mahek and Urvashi that orchestrated the whole storyline.

In rage, Pratha travels on a journey to Nagmahal and is able to perform a Tandav, a ritual in the presence of in the presence of Lord Shiva. She asks that Rishabh’s death be taken back by God Shiva in the course of Naag Panchami’s celebration. Pratha will also pledge to strike back against Mahek and Urvashi.

While this is taking place, Mahek gets furious learning that Pratha is alive as is Shesh Naagin. She is planning to destroy Shesh Naagin using the help of Yeti. Yeti will go after Shesh Naagin while Pratha is fighting to save herself.

Naagin 6 created by Ekta Kapoor under her banner Balaji Telefilms. The supporting team includes Manit Joura, Reema Worah-Bakul Thakkar Urvashi Dholakia, Sudha Chandran, Abhishek Verma, among other people.

Audience Verdict! The public has called on Naagin 6’s producers Naagin 6 to wind up the season and express their displeasure at the show’s extension

MUMBAI Balaji Telefilms created Naagin 6 which is a show through Colors TV, is a popular show for viewers. The cast’s performance is highly praised. Naagin 6 has been doing well on its TRP charts. The show airs on Sundays and Saturdays at 8 9 pm. The show is starring Tejasswi Prakash Simba Nagpal as well as Meheck Chahal in the main roles. In addition, they are Zeeshan Kan Sudha Shandra Dholakia, Nitinbhatia Bhatia Vi and many more.

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The show is scheduled to take an era-long jump of twenty years. After the leap, the story will continue in another direction. The filming of Naagin 6 will wrap up during the month of November 2022. Naagin 6 has performed well on the TRP charts and is among the primary reasons for the extended run. Tejasswi Naagin 6, the principal character in Naagin 6, will remain an integral part of Naagin 6 regardless of the twenty-year leap.

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When the news broke online, users posted on social media to voice their displeasure, anger and frustration that the show grew longer and demanded it be broadcast.

Sneha Mehta Not worthy for dusre’s season, Naggin3 is the longest, isn’t worthy of the title of naagin 4. Can be attainable trp, at a minimum plus season 2 also.

Harsh Singh Oh My God! Don’t do this again, show with a creative spirit bilkul nahi show kam jaayega ki popular new season Saath Wapis Ana Fatta Kapoor Please

Ishrat Khan I’m still smiling. It’s now one of the top-rated Indian show on the internet @ektarkapoor. Stop all of your absurd actions. Are you planning to continue to promote Naagin’s new season until you get the death penalty? Please let me know. I would like to know all about it.

Arpita Das – Bapa bapa December

Saahil Iyer There must be an extension. It should be finished now, following Mahek and Pratha and an enjoyable conclusion for Rishab and Pratha must be revealed. Generation leap will go the same as it was exactly the same after season 1. The storyline will be dull. We don’t want have this story repeated in a different time frame. Naagin6 should be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion, and no change in time are needed.

The cult T.V. show Naagin returns for the sixth season!

A Naagin is famous for her revenge. We’ve witnessed our Naagin take revenge on her family members who were betrayed, her beloved ones who were missing, as well as clan members who were murdered. Now, she will exact revenge on everyone!

You can catch Nagin every Sunday and Saturday at 8pm Only on Colors!