Aashiqana TV Serial Cast, Wiki, Story Release Date, Trailer & More

ExcCL! Niyati Fatnani in Aashiqana”I was required to wear a huge costume to portray the character I played for, and it took me around an hour.

Niyati Fatnani is guest on Gul Khan’s Hotstar show Aashiqana. The actress talked to Zoom Digital about what made her decide to take part in the show, and what she would do if she needed to work on preparation for her role, and many more things. Watch the interview here.

This the actress Niyati Fatnani is famous for her performance in the television series Moh Moh Ke Dhaage as well as Nazar she can delight viewers once again in in the Hotstar series Aashiqana , which is produced by Gul Khan. In the course of the show, she’s portraying the bride who is thrilled by the wedding she planned with her husband, whom she is in love with.

Aashiqana Star Plus Serial Tv
Aashiqana Star Plus Serial Tv

The actress was speaking about her work as an employee Zoom Digital. Zoom Digital. Zoom Digital and, when she was asked about the preparations she had to make, she said “No special preparation to. Yes, I had to wear a bulky costume for the job and was ready in about an hour. This is due to my experience with wearing heavy-duty clothes and performing sequences of actions. It was easy for me and I loved playing the character. ”

Aashiqana TV Serial Cast, Wiki, Story Release Date, Trailer & More

When you asked her why she was on the show , she explained “The show is an intimate crime-thriller. I received a text message from creator Gul ma’am that she wanted in hosting the first episode along with me. As soon as I received the message, I called my manager to inquire whether the dates could be set.”

She continued to say, “I was really excited to work with Gul ma’am, as well as director Atif Khan sir, since it’s more of a familial affair after my previous collaboration with her for Nazar.”

Aashiqanais created by Gul Khan. It’s available through Disney+ Hotstar. Together with Niyati the show includes Zayn Ibad Khan and Khushi dubey. Geeta Tyagi Vipul Deshpandey Geeta Bisht Anshul Srivastava Anshu Singh and many more.

At the moment, Niyati is also gearing to appear for Star Bharat with the title Channa Mereya and she will also be appearing with Karan Wahi.

AASHIQANA Season 1 REVIEW AASHIQANA Season 1 REVIEW Action-packed DRAMA with an intriguing story

Description: The series revolves around Yashwardhan Chauhan (Zayn Ibad Khan) an officer in the police force who is distressed by the death of family members close to him. There’s also Chikki Sharma (Khushi Dubey) who wants to become a police officer like her father is incapable of passing the entrance exam. What brings them to each every time they come together?
Review: To begin with, “Aashiqana” is a fully-featured daily soap drama available to stream right now via the OTT platform. The only thing that is different is that the show utilizes gaalis which can’t be muted and also some stunning action and VFX effects that are in Bollywood style that sets the show apart from other programs that are telecast on television. Producer and creator Gul Khan, who created the show with Sudhir Kumar Singh is the one who tells the story of two souls who’ve been broken by a backdrop of murder. Every episode is between 20 and 25 minutes, and is filled with the voices of all the actors and plenty of dialoguebaazi and a dash of humor. Cinematography and the style of production are top-quality, with stunning action scenes, and an engaging plot that keeps the viewer’s attention throughout.

The show is not titled and has an unknown number of episodes. In addition, it’s slow and doesn’t seem to be quick to solve the mystery. It takes a lot of time. The plot is set within Mumbai in which an assassin dressed as disguised man is hiding. That’s why ACP Yashwardhan Chauhan is sent to find the culprit. The situation changes when the person who is disguised as a masked theft thief is confronted by Yash and selects an unassuming Chikki Sharma the next target. Chikki’s story and that of Yash are interspersed, which makes frequent visitors. Despite the occasional first meeting, Yash and Chikki share another characteristic in common that they have both experienced loved ones who died, and both have been police officials in the past that had to deal with the loss of beloved family members.

Based on the first nine episodes that have been presented to date the show is entertaining sometimes, but romance isn’t yet established. The story is a reminder of gender stereotypes that continue to be prevalent in our daily lives. Although the story might appear intriguing on paper the execution is just an absurd representation of technology.

As a performer,, Zayn Khan is a dazzling performance as a imposing simple police officer. But his appearance is consistent throughout. He’s as talented as every Bollywood hero in every aspect including his breathtaking debut, and then his thrilling comedy. Khushi Dubey is a bit more likely respond to circumstances, which ultimately becomes painful. Their relationship hasn’t always been beautiful, but they’re in good stead with regards to resolution of conflicts. Other coworkers, including their family members that comprise the core cast are only employed to draw cartoons for the show.

It’s the truth that “Aashiqana” is described as a soap that has the Bollywood tabla. It’s not an amazing romance, but it’s an action-packed thriller with outstanding production. This is a must-watch show only when you are committed to watching it regularly because new episodes are made available every day.

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