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Name Wagle Ki Dunyia-Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey 
Genre Sitcom, Family, Drama 
Directed By Aatish Kapadia, Sameer Kulkarni 
Produced by Jamnadar Majethia, Aatish Kapadia 
Cinematography  Vijay Soni, Rishi Mudrale, Jitendra Mishra 
Country of origin India
Original language Hindi
No. of Seasons 1
No. of episodes 535
Running Time 20-25 minutes 
Camera Setup Multi Camera 
Show timing Monday-Saturday, 9:00 pm
Original Network Sony SAB 
Release date February 8, 2021-Ongoing 


Wagle Ki Dunyia-Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey Cast Real Name:

cast real names are the following:

Wagle Ki Dunyia-Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey Main Cast:

The real names of the Main cast of drama serial Wagle Ki Dunyia-Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey are following:

  • Sumeet Raghavan as Rajesh “Raju” Wagle   (A manager of a courier service company P2P Glocal, Srinivas and Radhika’s younger son, Manoj’s brother, Archana’s cousin, Vandana’s husband, Sakhi and Atharva’s father, He really cares for his family and loves them and wants them always together. Wagle often day dream which leads him to be in embarrassing situations.  He only don’t like Harry and Maya his office mates, they try to come up with different ideas so that they can win against him. He is known as practical person and always tries his best to solve issues with discussion instead of fighting)
  • Pariva Pranati as Vandana “Vandu” Sinha Wagle   (Mahadevi’s niece, Rinku’s cousin, Rajesh’s wife, Sakhi and Atharva’s mother. An orphan raised by her uncle and Aunt. She is kind and loving person, but she loses her mind in anger when Atharva, troubles her through mistakes. She was a chef before her marriage but gave up on job due to house responsibilities)
  • Anjan Srivastav as Srinivas Wagle   (Prabhakar’s brother, Radhika’s husband, Manoj and Rajesh’s father, Sakhi and Atharva’s grandfather. He loves to keep the stack of old things which causes his wife Radhika angry. He is kind and loving at heart. He some issues with Anna, who opposed Rajesh’s love marriage, but they settled their issues later)
  • Bharati Achrekar as Radhika Gokhale Wagle   (Anna’s sister, Srinivas’s wife, Manoj and Rajesh’s mother, Sakhi and Atharva’s grandmother. She gets irritated with her husband’s love for old thing, but despite that she love him alot. Her dream was to be a soap opera actress that was opposed by her father in childhood) 
  • Bharati Achrekar as Ruby Gokhale   (Radhika’s twin sister, Rajesh’s aunt)
  • Chinmayee Salvi as Sakhi Wagle   (Rajesh and Vandana’s daughter, Atharva’s sister, Gungun’s best friend. Her name was of doll that was gifted to Vandana. She is intelligent and works hard but sometime gets rebelliou)
  • Sheehan Kapahi as Atharva Wagle   (Rajesh and Vandana’s son, Sakhi’s brother, Vidyut’s best friend. He intelligent boy but sometimes gets irresponsible and troubles others. He really loves his family)

Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Wagle Ki Dunyia-Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey  following:

  • Deepak Pareek as Honourable Secretary Advocate Dakshesh “Dakku” Joshipura   (The stubborn secretary of Sai Darshan Heights Society, Yamini’s husband, Kittu’s adoptive father. He and his family are from Gujarat. He regards Vandana as a goddess. He adopted an orphan named Kittu)
  • Manasi Joshi as Dr. Yamini “Yam” Mehta Joshipura   (Naivedya’s sister, Dakshesh’s wife, Kittu’s adoptive mother. She is a theatre artist. She irritates everyone by quoting boring and weird dialogues from Hindi and Gujarati plays. She calls Kittu as Pari out of love)
  • Amit Soni as Harshad Agrawal   (One of the Wagles’ neighbours, Rajesh’s close friend, Jyoti’s husband, Gungun and Vidyut’s father. He is a rich but egoistic stock market trader. He uses corrupted and wrong methods to gain profit in business for which he gets into trouble, Rajesh always gets him out of trouble and corrects him. He often bosses Jyoti and is conservative about his daughter Gungun and does not approve of her crush on her friend Shikhar)
  • Bhakti Chauhan as Jyoti Gupta Agrawal   (Yamini and Vandana’s friend, Harshad’s wife, Gungun and Vidyut’s mother. She is innocent but is forced by her husband into obeying his every order)
  • Prapti Shukla as Gungun Agrawal   (Jyoti and Harshad’s daughter, Vidyut’s sister, Sakhi’s best friend. Shikar’s Girlfriend. She is good and loving person sometimes gets negatively influenced by her friends)
  • Hitanshu Nagia as Vidyut Agrawal   (Jyoti and Harshad’s son, Gungun’s brother, Atharva’s best friend. He is a show off and makes fun of Atharva, when he gets in trouble for pranking or doing something)
  • Mahi Soni as Kittu Joshipura   (Dakshesh and Yamini’s adopted daughter. She came to Sai Darshan Heights after escaping from a child trafficking gang. After getting rescued she was legally adopted by Dakshesh and Yamini)
  • Namit Shah as Vivaan Dwivedi   (Sakhi’s college friend, Anvita’s boyfriend. He was grown up in the USA. Sakhi have a crush on him. He is helping and has a positive attitude)
  • Suryakant Govale as Chandu Parab   (A staff member in Rajesh’s courier office)
  • Nayan Shukla as Sandeep Dasani   (A staff member in Rajesh’s courier office. He is a selfish and lazy and tries to take credit for work done by others)
  • Anju Jadhav as Kiara Tejwani   (The CEO of the courier service P2P Glocal, Tejwani’s daughter. She is known cold-hearted and strict but deep down she is kind and sweet. She sold the company to Harry Khatri, owner of the Glocal Packers company)
  • Vinayak Ketkar as Manish Marfatia   (Hotel manager of Treat Resort in Silvassa. Later resigns as the resort manager and joins P2P Max Courier Service company)
  • Khushali Jariwala as Munmun Chatterjee   (Catering manager at Treat Resort, and love-interest of Manish Marfatia. She is kind and gives left over food to poor. She was accused  by Dakshesh for stealing)
  • Urmila Katkar as Asha Tipnis   (Sai Darshan Heights Society’s maid, Dilip’s wife, Komal’s mother. She love gossiping and also wants learn English)
  • Satyavrat Mudgal as Ganpat Rao Tiwari   (Sai Darshan Heights Society’s watchman who gets scold from Dakshesh)
  • Dhwani Hetal Parmar as Komal Tipnis   (Asha and Dilip’s daughter)
  • Amit Verma as Nikesh “Nick” Agarwal   (Harshad’s cousin. He was a resident of America but came back to India for an arranged marriage with Kiara Tejwani, Rajesh’s colleague)
  • Preeti Kochar as Mahadevi Tripathi   (Vandana’s aunt, Sakhi and Atharva’s grandaunt. She and her husband took care of Vandana, and she constantly pressure Vandana to get a job so that she can support her family financially)
  • Riya Soni as Anvita Jain   (Vivaan’s girlfriend, Sakhi’s college friend. She wants Vivaan’s full attention and doesn’t wants him to be close with Sakhi. She created problems for Sakhi due to her insecurity and jealousy)
  • Sushant Singh as Shikhar Patel   (Sakhi’s college friend, Gungun’s boyfriend )
  • Nabil Parkar as Soumil Ahuja   (Sakhi and Gungun’s college friend, Trupti’s nephew)
  • Ambar Bedi as Maya Ahlawat   (Vandana’s college friend, Rajesh’s rival and P2P Glocal Packers staff member. She was a journalist and without knowing created a distance between Vandana and her mother-in-law Radhika. Rajesh and his friends made her understand her mistake so she started minding her own business. After getting fired from her Job and getting a divorce, she joined P2P Glocal Packers. She wanted a revenge from Rajesh as she think he is the one cause of her misery. So she tries her best to irritate Rajesh and his friends by creating problems for them)
  • Vikas Grover as Harry Khatri   (Owner of the courier service P2P Glocal)
  • Prabhackar Sinha as Arjun Swaroop   (A hotel staff and junior to Mr. Marfatia at Treat Resort)
  • Suhail Iqbal as Tejwani Sir –Rajesh’s boss and Kiara’s father. Previous owner of P2P Max Courier company, but is now retired, and is a divorcee. New owner of the company is his daughter Kiara)
  • Nayana Apte Joshi as Kishori   (Radhika’s best friend)
  • Tulika Patel as Trupti Ahuja   (Harshad’s ex-girlfriend, Soumil’s aunt)
  • Milky Srivastav as Khushi Tarachand   (Atharva, Vidyut and Kittu’s classmate)

Plot story of the drama serial Wagle Ki Dunyia-Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey:

The show is about struggles that Rajesh Srinivas Wagle, a courier company manager undergoes, in his daily life. He is a middle class person living his life while trying to overcome problems he face. This drama also shows problems and struggles faced by three generations living together.

Their perspective is shown as they try to overcome their problems as a single family. The main purpose of show is to show unity, love and affection that different families develop while living together.

Wagle Ki Dunyia-Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey Upcoming plot twist:

In upcoming twist Athrava will get upset with his grandparents as he asked them to come to his School on grandparents day but they couldn’t.