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Udaariyan is an Indian serial released on March 15, 2021. 

    Name  Udaariyan 



Drama, Romance 

   Directed by  

Uttam Ahlawat 

   Produced by   

 Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.& devirosh films producers, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta.

 Written by   Mitali Bhattacharya, Romit Ojha
 Theme music composer Kevin, Rajiv Bhatt, Ripul Sharma, George Joseph
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi, Punjabi 
 No. of episodes  524
No. of seasons  1
Original network Colors Tv
Running time 21-23 minutes 
Show timing  Monday-Saturday , 7:00 PM.
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
Cinematography Raju Gauli 


Udaariyan cast real names:

Here is the cast of Udaariyan drama serial:

Main Cast:

    • Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as
      • Tejo Kaur Sandhu Virk (Female lead, Fateh’s wife) (Dead)
      • Tanya Gill (Tejo’s lookalike)
    • Ankit Gupta as Fateh Singh Virk (Male lead, Tejo’s husband) (Dead)
    • Isha Malviya as Jasmine “Jazz” Kaur Sandhu Ahluwalia (Tejo and Dilraj’s sister, Naaz and Harleen’s mother)
    • Twinkle Arora as Nehmat Kaur Virk (Tejo and Fateh’s adopted daughter, Ekam’s love interest)
      • Kevina Tak as Child Nehmat Kaur Virk 
    • Sonakshi Batra as Naaz Bajwa (Jasmine and Yash’s daughter, Nikhil’s fiancé)
      • Kanishtha Kaushik as Child Naaz Bajwa 
    • Hitesh Bharadwaj as Ekampreet “Ekam” Randhawa (Jayveer’s son, Nehmat’s love interest)
  • Saksham Kalia as Child Ekampreet Randhawa 

Supporting Cast:

  • Neha Thakur as Mallika Randhawa (Ekam’s sister, Nehmat’s best friend)
    • Gurbani Kaur Nagi as Child Mallika Randhawa 
  • Raman Dhagga as Rupinder “Rupi” Singh Sandhu (Tejo, Jasmine and Dilraj’s father)
  • Kamal Dadiala as Satti Kaur Sandhu (Tejo, Jasmine and Dilraj’s mother)
  • Abhiraaj Chawla as Abhiraj Singh Sandhu (Tejo, Jasmine and Dilraj’s cousin)
  • Mohinder Gujral as Sukhmini Kaur Sandhu (Tejo, Jasmine, Abhiraj, Navraj and Dilraj’s grandmother)
  • Amrit Chahal as Lovely Kaur Sandhu (Harman’s wife)
  • Sukhpal Singh as Harman Singh Sandhu (Lovely’s husband)
  • Karan Grover as
    • Angad Maan (Tejo’s former fiancé and obsessive lover, Riya’s uncle and caretaker)
    • Arjun Maan (Angad’s brother, Preet’s husband, Riya’s father)
  • Abhishek Kumar as Amrik Singh Virk (Fateh’s brother, Jasmine’s former husband) (Dead)
  • Manish Tulsiyani as Yash Bajwa (Jasmine’s second husband, Naaz’s father)
  • Chetna Singh as Simran Kaur Virk Janjua ( Fateh’s sister, Amarpreet’s ex-fiancé, Buzzo’s wife)
  • Jaivik Wadhwa as Candy Janjua (Simran and Amarpreet’s son)
  • Virsa Riar as Buzzo Janjua (Fateh’s best friend, Simran’s husband)
  • Ram Aujla as Khushbeer Singh Virk (Fateh’s father)
  • Gurvinder Gauri as Gurpreet Kaur Virk (Fateh’s mother)
  • Rashmeet Kaur Sethi as Mahi Singh Virk (Fateh’s sister)
  • Ranjit Riaz Sharma as Bauji (Fateh’s grandfather)
  • Jaswant Daman as Beeji (Fatehi’s grandmother)
  • Unknown as Balbir Singh Virk (Nimmo’s husband)
  • Amandeep Kaur as Nimmo Kaur Virk (Balbir’s wife)
  • Indresh Malik as Amanpreet Singh Bajwa (Simran’s former fiancé)
  • Bhavya Sharma as Riya Maan (Preet and Arjun’s daughter)
  • Unknown as Preet Maan (Arjun’s wife)
  • Lokesh Batta as Jass Kohli (Tejo’s former husband)
  • Loveneet Kaur as Sweety (Jasmine’s best friend)
  • Kiran Kaur as Pammi Kaur Virk Bajwa ( Manjit’s wife )
  • Pardeep Soni as Manjit Singh Bajwa (Pammi’s husband)
  • Anju Kapoor as Saroop (Tejo, Jasmine and Dilraj’s aunt)
  • Pawan Dhiman as Gurpreet (Nimmo’s brother)
  • Mathlub Khan as Mr. Dhillon (Jasmine’s assistant)
  • Mohit Nain as Gippy (Jasmine’s ex-fiancé)
  • Santosh Malhotra as Mrs. Kohli (Jass’s mother)
  • Amanpreet Kaur as Preeto (Jasmine’s best friend)
  • Rishabh Mehta as Sandeep (Jasmine’s ex-lover)
  • Sourav Jain as Aman (Tejo’s student who shot Tejo)
  • Preet Rajput as Navraj Singh Sandhu  (Lovely and Harman’s elder son, Abhiraj’s brother)
  • Tavish Gupta as Dilraj Singh Sandhu (Tejo and Jasmin’s brother)

Udaariyan plot story:

Udararyian was the mainly story about Fateh Singh Virk and Tejo and Jasmine Sandu. After their death story then mainly focused on their children. Fateh a boxing Champion falls in love with Jasmine, whose dream was to settle in Canada. They decided to marry after Fateh got job in Canada. But Jasmine denies to marry on the wedding day, on learning that Fateh lost his job. Tejo and Fateh marry each other to save their family from humiliation. Tejo falls in love with Fateh but he is still madly in love with Jasmine, and Jasmine also regrets rejecting him. So they both start having an affair. When Tejo learns the truth about them having affairs, she asks Fateh to divorce her so that Jasmine can marry him. Tejo and Angad get engage.

After getting married Fateh and Jasmine were about to leave for Canada, Fateh burns all passport saying that he faked everything after learning about the evil side of Jasmine. Angad falls for Tejo but she says he is only friend of her, nothing more. Tejo and Fateh get close to each other. Seeing them close and caring for each other, Angad with the help of Jasmine tries to separate them but realizes his mistake and stops bothering them. While trying to marry Fateh, Jasmine ends up marrying Amrik. Fateh decides to get married to Tejo but due to misunderstanding he ends up relationship. So Tejo decides to marry Angad, but she finds out that she is pregnant, so Angad ask her to go back to Fateh but he has set up to kill her.

After the six month time skip Amrik and Jasmine, flee to London to start new life as their family is still not accepting their marriage. Angad is also in London, and they come across Tejo look alike who proves Angad evil face and gets him arrested and Amrik dies while trying to save, Tanya from being killed by Angad. Jasmine finds out that she is pregnant with Amrik child, and wants to marry Fateh so she can give her child a great life. But her plan fails as Tanya, reunites Tejo with her family who is mentally unstable. Fateh marries her and after marriage she regains her memory. Tejo brings back Jasmine. Jasmine gets miscarriage and fakes all that by leaving an orphan child, by telling that the baby is of her and Amrik. Tejo and Fateh for the sake of family remain silent knowing the truth. They name the baby Nehmat.

Jasmine marries Yash, and her long lasting dreams comes to true of going to Canada. But turns out that Yash is abusive and married her for revenge. Six years of time pass and it’s shown that Jasmine comes back to India with her daughter Naaz, because she can’t endure the violence any more. But her family refuses to accept her back so she leaves Naaz saying her daughter deserves love and she can’t provide that and she isn’t a good person. Naaz and Nehmat becomes close to each other but sometime Naaz gets jealous of Nehmat. Fateh and Tejo decides to adopt Naaz, but they can complete the procedure, Fateh, Tejo and Virks dies in car accident. The drama skips 10 years’ time and Naaz and Nehmat are shown all grown up.

Nehmat is in relationship with Ekam, who is a police officer by profession, who wants to help Nehmat to know the reason behind her family accident and death. Naaz still gets jealous of Nehmat and wants to destroy her happiness and everything she possess. Nehmat always tries to do good things for Naaz, but she always thinks of destroying Nehmat. The only one who can see through Naaz is Malika, so Naaz tries her best to break Nehmat and Malika friendship, by making Malika misunderstand the relationship of Nehmat and Advait. And Advait only wants to marry Malika to get powerful to stop Ekam from investigating the car accident of Virks family, and after some time truth comes forward that Advait dad and Jasmine were the one who killed them.

Udaariyan latest update:

In the latest episode of Udaariyaan Neil and Nazz are about to get married and Malika and Advait marriage preparations are going on, Jasmin with the help of Advait father is still trying to stop th truth from coming to light and to stop the truth from getting she kills Jayveer Ekam’s father. And the reason for the death of Jayveer becomes the article published under the name of Nehmat, so Ekam think she is reason behind his father death but, Naaz has published the Article. 

Udaariyan upcoming twist:

In upcoming plot twist Jasmine will come back to India and Nehmat will question Naaz about the article.