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Name: Saavi Ki Savaari 
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Mangesh Kanthale, Sachin Teli
Produced by: Ninad Vaidya, Nitin Vaidya, Aparna Padgaonkar
Theme music composer: Devendra Bhome 
Country of origin:  India
Original language: Hindi
No. of Seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 101
Running Time: 20-25 minutes
Camera Setup: Multi Camera 
Show timing: Monday-Friday, 6:30 pm
Original Network: Colors Tv 
Release date: August 22, 2022-ongoing 

Saavi Ki Savaari Cast Real Name:

Saavi Ki Savaari cast real names are the following:

Main Cast:

The real names of the Main cast of drama serial Saavi ki Savaari following:

  • Samridhi Shukla as Saavi Nityam Dalmiya  (An auto driver, Nootan’s younger daughter, Sonam’s younger sister, Ananya’s cousin sister , Nityam’s wife)
  • Farman Haider as Nityam Dalmiya  (Vedika’s son, Taashu’s cousin brother, Sonam’s ex-fiancé and Saavi’s husband)
  • Fenil Umrigar as Sonam Goyal  (Nootan’s elder daughter, Saavi’s elder sister, Ananya’s cousin sister, Shiv’s girlfriend and Nityam’s ex-fiancée)

Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Saavi ki Savaari are following:

  • Indira Krishnan as Vedika Dalmiya  (Nityam’s mother, Uma’s daughter-in-law)
  • Anoop Puri as Kishore Dalmiya  (Nityam’s grandfather, Vedika’s father-in-law)
  • Chhaya Vora as Uma Dalmiya  (Nityam’s grandmother, Vedika’s mother-in-law)
  • Pankaj Bhatia as Himesh Dalmiya  (Dimpi’s husband, Taashu’s father, Nityam’s uncle)
  • Mansi Srivastava as Dimpi Dalmiya  (Himesh’s second wife, Taashu’s step-mother, Nityam’s aunt)
  • Sneha Chauhan as Taashu Dalmiya  (Himesh’s daughter, Dimpi’s step-daughter, Nityam’s cousin sister)
  • Adish Vaidya as Shiv aka Raksham Dalmiya  (Sonam’s boyfriend,Vedika’s elder son,Nityam’s elder brother)
  • Shravany Pilae as Nootan Goyal  (Saavi and Sonam’s mother, Brijesh’s sister)
  • Abhay Harpale as Brijesh Goyal  (Ratna’s husband, Ananya’s father, Nootan’s brother, Saavi and Sonam’s maternal uncle)
  • Soma Rathod as Ratna Goyal  (Brijesh’s wife, Ananya’s mother, Saavi and Sonam’s maternal aunt)
  • Aayushee Sanglee as Ananya Goyal  (Brijesh and Ratna’s daughter, Saavi and Sonam’s cousin sister)
  • Saaransh Verma as Krishna  (Shiv’s bestfriend)
  • Rajkumar Kanojia as Chunna  (An auto driver, Saavi’s rival)
  • Ketaki Kulkarni

Plot story of the drama serial Saavi ki Savaari:

Saavi ki Savaari is a drama serial about a young girl named Saavi Nityam. This serial revolves around the problems that she face after marriage. She has to handle business and family relationship simultaneously. She drives rickshaw, to support her family financially. Her life changes when she marries a wealthy man named Nityam Dalmiya. The drama starts with Saavi going to mandir for Pooja, Nityam is also their with her mother. Nitaym mother was about to fall from stairs but Saavi saves her. Vedika is unable to see Saavi face as she leaves fast. Vedika prays for Nityam so that he can get married to good girl just like him. Nityam gets surrounded by media as reporters ask him how he feels about getting a award of young business men. 

Saavi rides her auto rickshaw whom she named Chatriprasad. She reaches home where het sister Sonam is recording vedio and says she wants success but Saavi is happy with her auto. Saavi participates in auto race to get 25000 money as she has to pay debt. Her rickshaw get stuck in a hole and Nityam helps her unknowingly. Saavi also doesn’t see his face and she wins the race against Chunna who is her rival and was winning for four years consecutively. 

Sonam tells everyone in the family about Saavi participating in the competition and Saavi family gets angry on her, they say why she participated and they will not spend this money on house expenses. Saavi gets upset. Nityam gets award and says he is happy that his family with him. Saavi goes and pays debt to Moni Rakshas and warns him not touch her auto. 

Taashu is against the marriage of Nityam and says she doesn’t want him to marry due marriage issues. Nityam tells her that he will marry a girl who will be a good business partner for her, he will keep up and downs of marriage in mind and says his mother also know his type. 

Pandit ji says Nityam kundli will only match with the one whose kundli is on in lakh. Sonam replaces her Kundli with that of Saavi and says now I will marry the men on in lakh. Nityam car stops in midway when he is going for meeting. Saavi auto comes there he sits in it. Nityam pays 2000 Rs, Saavi says she will return change. Nityam thinks she broke his trust as she was not able to return the money despite trying a lot of time.

Vedika learns that kundli of Sonam and Nityam are match so she takes Nityam proposal for Sonam and Nityam is also ready to marry her. Nityam family goes to Sonam’s house with alliance. Vedika mother’s likes Saavi at first site. Sonam manages to impress Nityam, on which Nityam agrees to marry Sonam. Nityam wishes Sonam happy birthday, she asks Nityam to remove the decorations as on this day her father died. 

Saavi injures a man with her auto and that turn out to be Shivam. Saavi take sshivam home with her. Shivam sees Sonam their, Sonam was dating Shivam for 2 years. Saavi helps a couple as they were on run from their family. Nitaym helps Saavi and they have to sleep in the auto as it was getting late. This gets in the news and Sonam blames Saavi and says didn’t she asked Saavi to stay away from Nityam.

Nityam asks her mother to get him married in two days all the preparation is done. Sonam gets Shiv into jail so that he can’t interfere with her life. Pandit ji says he will read the kundli aloud on which Ratna acts of getting asthma attack to stop the truth from getting revealed. Krishna tells Saavi that her sister Sonam is a betrayal who betrayed his friend. 

Shiv gets out of jail and tells Saavi everything on which Saavi promises him to break the marriage. The truth comes out and Vedika request Saavi to marry. Nityam misunderstand Saavi and says he will never think her as his wife. Saavi keep karwachaut and Nityam breaks it for her. Their relationship gets through up and down due to Sonam. As Sonam tries her best to get back to Nityam.

Saavi ki Savaari Latest update:

In recent episode of the drama serial Krishna come at Sonam house to expose everything. Nityam helps Ratna with inhaler. Saavi asks how he learned to use inhaler he says he doesn’t want to feel helpless and wants to learn everything so that he can help others. Saavi hearing this asks was there someone whom he couldn’t save hearing this he scolds Saavi for asking a lot of questions. Krishna asks for ten lakhs to be silent. 

Saavi Ki Savaari Upcoming plot twist:

In upcoming plot twist Mama ji will tell Vedika that Saavi decided to ride the auto to help us on which Vedika will say that she has decided to marry Nityam again.