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Rajjo Tv Serial Cast

Name: Rajjo
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sports
Written by: Bhavna Vyas
Directed By: Lalit Mohan
Produced by: Mukta Dhond, Bodhisatva Datta
Country of origin:  India 
Original language: Hindi 
No. of Seasons:
No. of episodes: 100
Running Time: 20-24 minutes 
Show timing Monday – Saturday 7:00 pm
Original Network: Star Plus
Release date: August 22, 2022 – Ongoing


Rajjo Cast Real Name:

Rajjo cast real names are the following:

Main Cast:

The real names of the Main cast of drama serial Rajjo are following:

  • Celesti Bairagey as Rajjo Thakur– (An aspiring athlete, Manorama and Pushkar’s daughter, Kalindi and Bunty’s half-sister, Mukund, Sagar and Pankhuri’s cousin, Vicky’s ex-fiancé, Arjun’s wife, Sia’s aunt)
  • Rajveer Singh as Arjun Singh Thakur – (A fertilizer businessman, Madhumalti and Pratap’s younger son, Chirag’s brother, Mukund, Rocky, Sagar and Pankhuri’s cousin,Keshav’s grandson, Urvashi’s ex-fiancé, Rajjo’s husband, Sia’s uncle)
  • Gungun Uprari as Manorama “Manno” Dhaki – (A former athlete, Pushkar’s ex-lover, Rajjo’s mother)

Support Role Cast:

The real names of the support role cast of drama serial Rajjo are following:

  • Pakkhi Hegde as Madhumalti Thakur –(Pratap’s wife, Chirag and Arjun’s mother, Rocky’s aunt, Sia’s grandmother)
  • Surjit Saha as Bunty Chaudhary – (Kavita and Pushkar’s son, Kalindi’s brother, Rajjo’s half-brother, Mukund, Sagar and Pankhudi’s cousin)
  • Siddharth Vasudev as Pushkar Chaudhary – (Jhilmil’s brother, Manorama’s ex-lover, Kavita’s husband, Kalindi, Bunty and Rajjo’s father, Sia’s grandfather)
  • Avinash Sahijwani as Pratap Singh Thakur – (Keshav’s elder son, Kartik’s brother, Madhumalti’s husband, Chirag and Arjun’s father, Sia’s grandfather)
  • Jaya Binju as Kavita Chaudhary – (Pushkar’s wife, Kalindi and Bunty’s mother, Rajjo’s step-mother, Sia’s grandmother)
  • Maleeka Ghai as Jhilmil Thakur –( Pushkar’s sister, Kartik’s wife, Mukund, Sagar and Pankhuri’s mother)
  • Premchand Singh as Kartik Singh Thakur – (Keshav’s younger son, Pratap’s brother, Jhilmil’s husband, Mukund, Sagar and Pankhuri’s father, Chirag and Arjun’s uncle)
  • Utkarsh Gupta as Chirag Singh Thakur – (Madhumalti and Pratap’s elder son, Arjun’s brother, Mukund, Rocky, Sagar and Pankhuri’s cousin, Kalindi’s husband, Sia’s father, Keshav’s grandson)
  • Divyangana Jain as Kalindi Thakur– (Kavita and Pushkar’s daughter, Bunty’s sister, Rajjo’s half-sister, Mukund, Sagar and Pankhudi’s cousin, Chirag’s wife, Sia’s mother, Rocky’s lover)
  • Aayushi Bhave Tilak as Urvashi – (Dheeraj’s daughter, Arjun’s ex-fiancée & wife)
  • Ankit Bhardwaj as Mukund Singh Thakur – (Jhilmil and Kartik’s elder son, Sagar and Pankhuri’s brother, Chirag, Arjun, Kalindi, Bunty and Rajjo’s cousin, Swara’s husband, Keshav’s grandson)
  • Minoli Nandwana as Swara Thakur – (Mukund’s wife)
  • Itika Kabra as Sia Thakur – (Kalindi and Chirag’s daughter, Bunty, Rajjo and Arjun’s niece, Pratap, Madhumalti, Pushkar and Kavita’s granddaughter)
  • Niel Satpuda as Sagar Singh Thakur – (Jhilmil and Kartik’s younger son, Mukund and Pankhuri’s brother, Chirag, Arjun, Kalindi, Bunty and Rajjo’s cousin, Keshav’s grandson)
  • Roselyn D’Souza as Pankhuri Thakur – (Jhilmil and Kartik’s daughter, Mukund and Sagar’s sister, Chirag, Arjun, Kalindi, Bunty and Rajjo’s cousin, Keshav’s granddaughter)
  • Ravi Jhankal as Keshav Singh Thakur – (Pratap and Kartik’s father, Chirag, Mukund, Arjun, Sagar and Pankhuri’s grandfather, Sia’s great-grandfather)
  • Pratham Kunwar as Rocky – (Madhumalti’s nephew, Chirag and Arjun’s cousin, Kalindi’s lover)
  • Ankit Narang as Vicky – (Rajjo’s ex-fiancée)
  • Suraj Bharadwaj as Bharat
  • Kalp Shah
  • Sharanpreet Matharoo
  • Harsh Chatrath as Dheeraj –(Urvashi’s father)
  • Kushagre Dua as Naman Singh Thakur – (Anil and Shobha’s son, Arjun’s cousin)


Plot Story Of The Drama Serial Rajjo:

Rajjo is a drama serial about a girl who wants to be racer and businessmen love story they have to go through a lot to get together. The story start with Rajjo running with fish basket to sell. Rajjo mom scolds her for running and tells her to stop running and that she doesn’t wants her to be athlete. 

Arjun is also in the same village and is for some business purpose. He is organizing a girl’s race and there he meets Rajjo, who is participating in the race but is late. Arjun stops her from running and says I am punctual you can’t participate but she participate for the gift money as she wants to gift her mom shoes. The stormy weather is shown and the village is about to get drown in water. 

Rajjo runs to save her mother, they meet but her mother gets separated due to water. While finding her mother Rajjo reaches Lakhnow with Arjun without him knowing. She hides in his room. Arjun gets engaged to Urvashi. Arjun finds Rajjo hiding in his room and gets angry she asks him for help he agrees. 

Arjun dada ji and Pushkar (Rajjo’s illegitimate father) finds about Rajjo that she is hiding. Arjun asks Pushkar to find her mother so that she can go back he says okay he will. Mannu is in Pushkar house as new maid. Everyone finds out Rajjo and asks Arjun to send her to some hostel he send her. But in hostel Pushkar tries to send Rajjo to other city knowing that she is his daughter. Rajjo gets hurt and Arjun rescues her. Pushkar finds about Mannu being in house and threatens her to do as told otherwise he will reveal everything to Rajjo.

 Mannu fixes Rajjo marriage with Vicky who turn out to be girl trafficker and is paid by Pushkar. Arjun and Urvashi are getting married but Arjun leaves to save Rajjo from Vicky and ends up marrying her in Mandir due to villagers. He tells Rajjo that he only married her to save her and marriage is just fake and leave. When he is about to get married with Urvashi, Rajjo reaches there and stops the marriage saying you can’t marry you are my husband everyone is shocked.

Arjun is hurt and asks Rajjo to leave by giving her check and says he will never help anyone because of her. Mannu meets an accident and acts of losing memory. Rajjo goes to her mom and cries that Arjun is not understanding her. She comes back to Arjun house but due to some reason ends up being Urvashi maid. She is preparing for Urvashi and Arjun marriage. She learns about Urvashi habit of gambling and that a goon is after her for money. 

Rajjo tries to reveal truth but couldn’t because Naman saves Urvashi by paying money and is turn to be her lover. He asks Urvashi to think again as he is now rich and can do anything for her.  

Rajjo Latest Update:

In the latest episode of Rajjo, Chirag and Rajjo gets to know the truth of Kalindi truth and her affair with Rocky. Chirag is hurt to know that and tries to kill himself by getting before the truck, but rajjo saves him. Kalindi tells Rajjo that she loved Chirag but he got away from her after the accident and was not there for her when she needed him. 

She really wanted someone’s attention but he couldn’t and then Rocky came into her life and made her life amazing and better. Furthermore she says that she love Chirag and is sorry for what she did. Pushkar tries to hurt Mannu and says no one can save you now from him. Mannu Shouts for help.

Rajjo Upcoming Plot Twist:

In upcoming plot all family members will see Pushkar hurting and bullying her. They will ask why you are beating her and he will reply she attacked me and I was only protecting myself. Arjun will think that Rajjo can’t do anything properly and doesn’t care about relations she also doesn’t care about her mother.