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Pandya Store is an Indian drama serial released on January 25, 2021. This drama is based on the Tamil series Pandian Stores. This series is still ongoing.

    Name  Pandya Store



Drama , Romance 

   Directed by  

Pradeep Yadav, Arshad Khan 

   Produced by   

 Sunjoy Waddhwa , Commal Sunjoy Waddhwa of Sphere Origins 

 Written by   Yash Kumar Sharda
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi
 No. of episodes  577
No. of seasons  1
Original network  Star Plus 
Show timings  Monday to Saturday, 07:30 pm
Running timing  20-24 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
Cinematography  Santosh Suryavanshi  


Pandya Store Cast real names:

Here is the cast of Pandya Store Drama Serial:

Main Cast:

  • Kinshuk Mahajan as Gautam Pandya (Male lead)
  • Shiny Doshi as Dhara Patel Pandya (Gautam’s wife, Female lead)
  • Kanwar Dhillon as Shiva pandya (Gautam’s younger brother)/ Harminder Singh as Child Shiva.
  • Alice Kaushik as Raavi Narang Pandya (Shiva’s wife)/ Jini Khan as Child Ravvi Narang)
  • Akshay Kharodia as Dev Pandya (Gatum’s younger brother) /Jovian Fernandes as Child Dev Pandya.
  • Simran Budharup as Rishita Dwivedi Pandya (Dev’s wife)
  • Mohit Parmar as Krish Pandya (Gautam’s brother) / Swarnim Neema as Child Krish Pandya 
  • Krutika Desai Khan as Suman Narayan Pandya ( Gautam’s mother)

Supporting Cast:

  • Ankita Bahuguna as Shweta Patel Pandya (krish’s wife)
  • Pallavi Rao as Prafulla Narang Narayan (Gautam’s aunt)
  • Shrasti Maheshwari as Anita Narang (Gautam’s former fiancé)
  • Devishi Madan as Kirti Dwivedi (krish’s former love)
  • Vijay Badlani as Janardhan Dwivedi  (kirti’s father)
  • Geetika Shyam as Kalyani Dwivedi ( Kriti’s mother)
  • Vandana Vithalni as Kamini Dwivedi ( Kriti’s aunt)
  • Shyaam Makhecha as Hardik Patel (Gautum’s friend) 
  • Krunal Pandit as Jagat Narayan ( Ravvi’s  uncle )
  • Renu Pandey as Kanta Joshi (Suman’s best friend)
  • Farrukh Saeed as Darshan Pandya ( Suman’s late husband, Gautam’s father)
  • Mohit Sharma as Jignesh Narayan (Anita’s father)
  • Ankita Sood a Disha ( Shiva’s former bride )
  • Jinal Jain as Sneha Mittal (Raavi’s friend )
  • Nitin Sharma as Deven (Shweta’s former love)
  • Sartaj Gill as Arnav (hacker , Raavi’s boss)
  • Rajani Gupta as Jhankana Patel (Shweta’s mother)
  • Sanjeev Sharma as Harikishan Patel (Shweta’s father ) 
  • Riddhi Singh as Forum ( Shweta’s friend )  

Pandya Store Plot Story:

Pandya drama serial is about the life of a middle class couple, they runs Pandya store. With the business work, Dhara Pandya also looks after family and younger brothers of Gautam, her husband. This drama shows Dhara life problems trying to keep the family together. Drama starts with the intro of Pandya family which comprises six members. Their only source of income is their Pandya store. Dhara gets married to Gautam, as Gautam former love rejects him due to their financial crises.

Dhara loves and cares about her younger brother in laws and they also loves her, with some difficulties Dhara manages to win everyone’s heart. After ten years, Dev, Shiva and Krish are all grown up. Shiva and Raavi are forced to marry because Dev refused to marry her and she attempts to die. Dev marries Rishita. Both couples find difficulty adjusting. Dhara tries to solve problems of her family that occurs due to entry of new daughter in laws.

Prafulla tries to make distance between Shiva and Raavi, and Janardhan is not happy with the marriage of Rishita and Dev that happened without his permission. Krish and Kriti, Rishita’s sister become close friend. Due to some reasons Shiva and Raavi gets into fight and Raavi leaves the house, but on the news of Dhara’s pregnancy she comes back. Dhara gets kidnapped and Krish is sent to by jail by Janardhan. Shiva and Raavi decides to get divorce because they can’t adjust, but later they realize their feelings. Gautam decides to abort the baby of Dhara due to her health problem.

Pandya brothers get arrested due to fraud case, and Pandya ladies tries to get them out. Shiva confesses his love to Raavi and plans a surprise event for her which fails due to a misunderstanding. Rishita and Dev leaves Pandya house due to some issue with Dhara and Gautam. Raavi plans to revive the store but fails to do so causing the store a great loss. Gautam and Dhara decides to get In vitro fertilization but gets failed due to Anita who doesn’t want Dhara to happy.

Prafulla trickes Raavi in signing the divorce paper on which Shiva gets angry and asks her to leave the house. Dhara decides to get them together and with the help of Pandyas. Raavi confesses her feeling and they get married. Rishita gets pregnant but leaves house due Dhara’s behavior, and thinks her baby is not save here. Ravi asks Shiva to continue his studies to prove his worth, because of Rishita insult. Janardhan gifts Dev a store in order to make fun of Pandyas.

Shiva repairs their Pandya store. Pandya family brings back Dev and Rishita after some struggles. Kriti breaks up with Krish because she doesn’t want to suffer due financial crises. Shiva gets into accident and is thought to be dead. Pandya family repaired store with the insurance money of Shiva life but turns out he is alive so they have to sell their property to pay insurance money. Raavi becomes a social media star.

Dhara and Gautam adopt a baby named Yashodhan. Rishita and Dev are blessed with birth of girl whom they name Sanchi. Rishita sets up her cosmetic business. Raavi account gets hack is misused. In all this mess, Shweta the real mother of Yashodhan (Chiko) enter and creates more mess by misunderstanding between family members. Shweta kidnaps Chiko, on which Krish proposes her, to keep Chiko with Dhara, to which Shweta agrees and they get married.     

Pandya Store Latest News:

In the latest episodes of Pandya store Shweta creates mess for the Pandya family and tries to make them fight each other. She tries to harm Dhara reputation by manipulating her to use Chiko’s funds money for work.  She tries to separate Shiva and Raavi by manipulating them. She prepares a fake pregnancy report to get Shiva angry and misunderstand. She is using her all evil tactic to create problems for the Pandya family.

Pandya Store Upcoming Twist:

In upcoming episode, shiva will know the truth and will ask Dhara why she lied about pregnancy and will show her report that says Raavi got abortion, which will create more misunderstanding and will shatter the peace of Pandya family.