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Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein is an Indian drama serial released on October 5, 2020. This drama is adopted from a Bengali drama name, ‘Kusum Dola’. 

Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein Tv Serial Cast

    Name  Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein



Family drama

   Directed by  

Jaideep Sen, Ashwini Sarasawat, Arnav Chakravarti, Jafar Shaik, Ranjeet Gupta, and Rohit Fulari   

   Produced by   

 Paradeep Kumar, Rajesh Ram Singh, Pia Bajpiee, Shaika Parween.

 Written by    Rajesh Chawla  
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi
 No. of episodes  667
No. of seasons  1
Original network  Star Plus 
Show timings  Monday to Saturday, 08:00 pm
Running timing  22-25 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
Cinematography  Shailesh Manore


Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein Cast Real Names:

Here is the main cast of Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein drama serial:

    • Ayesha Singh as Dr. Sai Joshi (female lead, Virat’s first wife)
    • Neil Bhatt as DCP Virat Chavan(Male lead, Sai and Pakhi’s husband)
    • Aishwarya Sharma as Patralekha ‘Pakhi’ Chavan (second female lead, Virat’s second wife)
    • Aria Sakaria as Savi Joshi ( Sai and Virat’s daughter)
    • Tanmay Rishi Shah as Vinayak Chavan ( Sai and Virat’s son)
    • Ksihori Shahane as Bhavani Chavan(Devyani’s mother)
    • Shailesh Datar as Ret. Col. Ninad Chavan( Virat’s father) 
    • Bharati Patil as Ashwini Chavan (Virat’s mother )
    • Mridul Kumar Sinha as Omkar Chavan( Ninad’s brother, Sonali’s husband) 
    • Sheetal Maulik as Sonali Chvan ( Omkar’s wife)
    • Mitali Nag as Devyani Chavan (Virat’s cousin, Pulkit’s wife)
    • Yash Pandit as Dr. Pulkit Deshpande( Sai’s professor, Devyani’s husband)
    • Yesha Harsora as Harini Deshpande (Devyani and Pulkit’s daughter), Hirva Trivedi as child Harini Deshpande
    • Yamini Malhotra as Shivani Chavan (Ninad’s sister, Rajeev’s wife)
    • Sachin Shroff as Rajeev( Shivani’s husband )
    • Adish Vaidya as Mohit Chavan ( Virat’s cousin, Karishma’s husband)
    • Sneha Bhawasr as Karishma Chavan (Mohit’s wife)
    • Yogendra Vikram Singh as Samrat Salunkhe (Virat’s cousin, Patralekha’s husband)
    • Roopa Divetia as Manasi Chavan Salunkhe( Samrat’s mother)
    • Vishavpreet Kaur as Vaishali Mohitepatil( Partralekha’s mother)
    • Atul Mahajan as Shailesh Mhoitepatil (Partralekha’s father)
    • Jitendra Bohara as Sunny( Virat and Samrat’s best friend )
    • Suraj Sonik as Aniket More(Sai’s best friend)
    • Anjana Nathan as Usha ( Kamal’s foster sister)
    • Nivann Sen as Sadanand Pawel ( Virat’s best friend , Shruti’s husband)
    • Shafaq Naaz as Shruti Pawel (Sadanand’s wife)
    • Siddharth Bodke as Jagtap Mane ( Kamal’s murderer)
    • Ganesh Yadav as Vitthal Damodar Mane( Jagtap’s father) 
    • Jitendra Trehan as DIG Sanjeev K Salaskar (senior officer of Virat)
    • Sanjay Narvekar as Inspector Kamal Joshi (Sai’s father)
    • Ribbhu Mehra as D.M.Harish Vyas
    • Jia Sheth as Pari (Sai’s best friend )
    • Tejasvi Khatal as Madhuri Patil (Harini’s foster mother)
    • Bhagya Bhanushali as Balakram( Sai’s Best friend )
    • Shalini Singh as Neha (Patralekha’s best friend)
    • Pankaj Vishnu as Inspector Pawar
    • Rakesh Rajwant as Officer Gopal Shinde
    • Somesh Sharma as Ajinkya Mhatre (Sai’s college friend )
    • Deepali Pansare as Barkha Rani Wagh ( a celebrity dancer)
    • Kushagre Dua as Amey Gupte ( Sarita’s husband )
    • Minoli Nandwana as Sarita Gupte (Amey’s wife)
    • Aditya Bansal as Milind (Sai’s college friend)
    • Ami Joshi as Aishwarya ( Sai’s college friend)
    • Keshav Ashwani as Sai’s college friend 
  • Yash Abbad as Sai’s college friend
  • Gajendra Chauhan as Dean of Nagpur city Medical Colleger
  • Sunila Karambelkar as Swapna (Ashwini’s elder sister)
  • Dolly Minhas as Dr. Anjali (Sai’s psychiatrist)
  • Sonia Singh as Anuradha (Rajeev’s sister ) 
  • Abhineet Kaushik as Bhau( a gangster)
  • Deepka Soni as Inspector Sachin Kadam 
  • Jiten Lalwani as Dr. Machindra Thorat (Sai’s senior)
  • Siraj Mustafa khan as Tony (robber)

Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein Plot Story:

Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein is a story about a police officer named Virat Chavan who loved a girl name Patralekha, but get married to a girl named Sai Joshi a medical student due to some accidental circumstance. This drama basically revolves around Sai and Virat and their struggles of life. Drama starts with the intro of Sai Joshi who wants to study MBBS at Nagpur Medical College. She asks her father to get retirement and move to Nagpur with her on getting top position in intermediate exam.

But Virat asks Kamal to postpone his retirement, that make Sai dislike him as also their first encounter wasn’t that pleasant, after Virat’s posting in Gadchiroli. Jagtap a local gangster of Gadchiroli falls in love with Sai, and to marry her he also tries to kill her father. Also the Virat love Pakhi, but she gets married with Samrat against her will, and Virat promises her not give her place in his heart to anyone else. Kamal dies while saving Virat when Jagtap shoots him. At his death bed Kamal requests Virat to take care of the Sai. So, on the pressure of villagers he marries Sai, but also warns her not to expect anything from him so Sai promises to leave him after she completes her degree.

Pakhi gets heartbroken on their marriage news but Virat assures her that he will leave her after her degree completion. The Chavan family doesn’t accept Sai as she is not from upper class. Virat gets suspended from his job on the false accusation, but Sai manages to save Virat job as he thinks she is responsible for ruining his life. Sai decides to deeply learn about Devyani and Pulkit’s relationship, exposes Chavan family bad deed of separating them and sending their baby Harinee to orphanage.

She tries to reconcile them and gets them married by going through difficult situations. Pakhi tries to put trap on Sai by sending Ajinkya to Sai room, Virat disbelieves Sai, on which she leaves house and meets a car accident. After the accident Virat’s feels guilty and apologies. On their marriage anniversary Virat plans a trip but that goes wrong and Sai leaves Virat alone. Samrat decides to divorce Pakhi as she was never happy with him, but Virat manages to stop him.

Then Shruti and Sada enters their life, to save Shruti, Virat acts as her husband that causes him to suffer. As Sada returns and kidnaps Sai to get Shruti back, while saving Sai, Virat gets injured. Sai also tries to reconcile Rajeev and Shivani. Sai and Virat parts there ways as per promise on the completion of degree. But soon they realize their love for each other and decide to get married, and on the promise that Sai will stop chasing her dream with Bhavnai they get married. Pakhi also falls for Samrat. Sai gets pregnant, but Jagtap kidnaps her, while saving her Samrat dies.

Due depression and problem Sai loses her baby by miscarriage and is unable conceive again. So they decide to use surrogacy, but Pakhi somehow gets pregnant instead of lady that Virat contracted to be surrogate mother. Sai files case against Pakhi about illegal surrogacy. But Virat gets her out of jail. On which Sai leaves house with the baby named Vinayak, but she gets in accident, and is unable to find Vinayak, whereas Chavan family thinks she is dead when they can’t find her.

In the hospital Sai comes to know that she is pregnant, and gives birth to baby girl named Savi. She raises her alone in kankavli with Usha, and runs a school there. After 7 years Virat’s adopted son goes kankavali for camping and meets Sai and Savi. Virat also gets married to Pakhi. When Virat and Vinayak goes to Kankavali for the treatment of Vinayak, Virat meets Sai and is shocked to see her alive and questions her about Savi. While saving Savi from Gulabrao Virat get injured on listening the news Pakhi rushes to meet him and  is also shocked to meet Sai alive.          

Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein latest News:

In the latest episode of Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein, Virat takes his daughter Savi with him forcefully and resent Sai for keeping his daughter away from him. When Sai tries to enter Chavan house to get her daughter back, Virat calls police and gets her arrested. But after trying and thanks to Jagtap she escapes the police station and reaches Chavan house.

Ghum Hein Kisikey Pyaar Mein Upcoming Twist:

In upcoming episode Sai will reach the Chavan house and, and Savi will runs towards her to hug, Sai will claim that now no one can separate them, she will not allow anyone to separate Savi from her, looking at Virat. Sai will leave with Savi and Virat will just watch them leaving without doing anything.