Pandya Store TV Serial (Star Plus) Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Pandya Store is taking Kinshuk Mahajan nowhere.

Well-known actor on TV Kinshuk Mahajan has latched onto recent reports suggesting that his Pandya deal may be under scrutiny.

Social media is abuzz with chatter suggesting that Star Plus might take a call on Pandya Store, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 and Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey.

Pandya Store Star Plus Serial Tv
Pandya Store Star Plus Serial Tv
Name Pandya Store
Main Cast Kinshuk Mahajan and Shiny Doshi
Genre Drama
Director Pradip Yadav
Producer Sunjoy Waddhwa
Komal Sunjoy Waddhwa
Story & Screenplay Shilpa Choubey
Sushil Choubey
Dialogue Raghuvir Shekhawat
Editor Janak Chauhan
DoP Santosh Suryavanshi
Music Sargam Jassu
Nakash Aziz
Project Head Sumit Dubey
Creative Director Aman Jain
Dharmi Chheda
Kashvi Sharma
Production House Sphereorigins Multivision Private Limited

“There is no evidence to support this claim, Pandya business will continue as usual,” says Kinshuk.
“Even today we have a 1.5 time slot (7.30 pm to 7.30 pm) and combined our show has earned 2.5 TVRs in two slots (we also air at 11 pm), that’s a pretty great buy,” the anchor added.

What do you think your journey to the Pandya store was like?

“An incredible memory, shortly after our on-air debut we were forced to move to Punjab to avoid the dreaded lockdowns. When we started it was just me, Dhara (Strong Doshi) and three kids and a mother too. However, after the jump we have now three couples and their interactions too. The fans love it, so it’s no wonder our viewership has grown.”

Kinshuk doesn’t feel the swing and his screen has shrunk. “It depends on the narrative, sometimes more or less. The presence of three couples adds value to the story. When Gautam(me) and Dhara get married, Raavi (Alice Kaushik) and Shiva (Kanwar Dhillon) offer a fun nokh jhokh. Not to mention that Dev (Akshay Karodia) and Rishita (Simran Budhrup) represent the current Gen Z crowd.”

Kinshuk is a singer who has been in the industry for many years (debuted with Kaajal in 2007). He is open to exploring different genres. Till date, I have mostly dabbled in social (Biddai) and love stories (Gathbandhan), but if something new and different from the tried and true comes tomorrow, I will be more than game.”
“But currently, Pandya Stores also has my interest. I am also eager to test content-driven OTT in the future.” He finished his.

Yesha Rughani, on her part, also denied having any details about the latest episode of Kabhi Kabhia Ittefaq Sey.
Shiny Doshi of Pandya Store reveals her struggle in the beginning like any other: At the age of 20, I had to take care of the basic needs of my family. I moved to Mumbai with an amount of Rs.15000

Show business is a demanding industry because the cast, creators and crew depend on the production to play. Also on the small screen, the longer a program is on air, the better it is for everyone involved. The reality is that many actors have to work for months trying to make ends meet. Actress Shiny Doshi, who rose to fame today, recalled the tough times.

The actor, who has played the lead role in various shows including Sarojini and Ek Nayi Pehaland Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran and the current Pandya Storerecalls, “I earned a lot when I was in (TV programme) Saraswatichandrain 2013. I was in charge of two houses. When the show ended, the savings were gone before I could get another. I used to believe that “you Kya Zindagi Hai.” But the last few years have been more positive.”

The actress, who is tight-lipped about her life before starting her acting career, slyly admits during an intimate discussion, “When I came to Mumbai, I was a woman with a lot of responsibilities at home when I came to Mumbai with just Rs 15,000.”

After a stint in Ahmedabad, Doshi moved to Mumbai to pursue acting after appearing in several commercials. Doshi says, “I had no money or a place to live. Life was extremely difficult. I was responsible for my mom and brother. I was only 20 years old. I was in a position where I needed to earn money. Our father died and we were in a bad place place in the family. My mother was a housewife and my brother had just finished his university education. I had to take care of the necessities like food, shelter and clothing.”

During these difficult times, Doshi’s most significant source of strength came from her mother, who lived with her in Mumbai. “Doshi comes from a Gujarati family and Doshi’s status as an actor was not looked at the same way. Pehle toh criticism hi jhela hai. You deal with a lot of things. life. When I woke up everyday and stared at my mother, she inspired me. I remember that when I wasn’t having a great day on set, I told her, “Mumma Beizzati Ho gayi set pe anaj’ . And she replied ‘koi baat, nahi’. The words she told me kept me going,” says Doshi.

One of the most valuable lessons Doshi has learned along the way is that “the right investments are key”. “Life can be very uncertain and you have no idea. My investments have helped me stay safe,” he concludes.

Pandya Store actors Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik FINALLY reveal how to fall in love as well as the proposal.

Pandya Store actors Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik aka Shiva and Raavi have finally opened up about their relationships with one of their respective partners. They both talked about how their relationship was gradual and how Kanwar dedicated his request to Alice among other things. They also talked about how easy it is to work together and how comfortable they are together.

Kanwar was able to recall how he initially talked to Alice about the Alice in Wonderland series and they ended up joking about it, causing them to break the ice. Alice also shared that she was the only girl who took part in the mock shoot with him. They believe that everything happens for a reason.

In an interview with Bombay Times, Kanwar also mentioned that the two are opposites and believed that they never became friends but then discovered a new side of the other.

When asked about the way love blossomed, Kanwar mentioned that it was a gradual process, not instant. She believes that their on-screen chemistry has changed in real life as well. Kanwar also mentioned how they grew closer and as time passed, they realized how solid their relationship had become. Alice went on to talk about how everything was natural and that she had finally found a connection with him and felt that she felt the same way.
Alice and Kanwar have both talked about how easy it is to get along and believe it’s not an inconvenience. When Kanwar stated that their relationship was a perfect complement, Alice said that he was sweet and funny and she was glad that they had more than a day together.

Meanwhile, they talk about how their proposal came about and Alice tells Kanwar that they are under lockdown and there is nothing he can do. However, Kanwar gave her flowers and asked her to be his girlfriend. Kanwar explained that he wasn’t the type to formally propose to anyone, however he was a bit swayed by inviting her to be his girlfriend at Gajner Palace.

Finally, when asked about their engagement plans, they both said that they are currently working on their care