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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin LEAP: Sai & Pakhi Live with their Kids Tanmay and Aria Sakaria will Enter (PROMO)

There are a variety of theories regarding the track currently being discussed. Recently it was reported that Viral will give birth to Pakhi as per Sai’s directions, and will be proud parents to the child. Then, Sai gets to know the reasons Pakhi became a surrogate violation of law, and is arrested.

There are reports that the show is taking a the leap. According to the most recent reports it appears that the show is taking the leap that is five years. A promo video has been uploaded via social media. Sai is shown with her daughter. The child draws the father’s photo. In contrast, Pakhi is living with her son. He tells her he wants the entire collection of physicians. The story then changes to Virat who purchases toys for his kids and an entire set for a medical professional for his children. It’s unclear which family Virat has been living in or Sai or Pakhi.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Star Plus Serial Tv
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Star Plus Serial Tv

The post-leap children actors Aria Sakaria and Tanmay Rishi Shah will be appearing on the show. While Aria portrays her role as Sai-Virat’s daughter, Tanmay plays Sai-Virat’s son, born to Pakhi via surrogacy.In regards to the leap, the person who is associated with Production Company was quoted in Times Of India as saying, “Every story goes through changes and as Sai and Virat’s relationship began and it was the ideal moment to move forward. The show will make 5 years of leaps and also. Sai as well as Virat became parents. The show will also have the addition of a new child to the show. People enjoy watching conflict so the show will include more twists and turns.”

In the most recent episode Ghum Hai Kishikey Pyaar Meiin The creators of the show have decided to end the surrogacy story after being criticized due to their story and plot. The web has seen the way Sai is caring for Pakhi after the birth of pakhi. baby. However, Pakhi shows an attitude towards Sai and Sai can understand the situation. An exciting twist is observed by the viewers and will keep them hooked to the plot

Sai is Pakhi’s baby

In the next episode, Ghum Kisikey, the next episode Pyaar Meiin, Sai will take the child of Pakhi away from her. Pakhi is unable to bear this and is contemplating suicide by hanging herself by the fan. However, Virat will come at the right time to aid Pakhi. However, the entire Chavan family will be furious at Sai as they observe Sai in such a poor state of health. Bhavani will likely think she believes that Pakhi is the ideal person to take care of her son. Sai is scared when she hears about this. Virat may support Bhavani and so is Pakhi. Sai is likely to be aware that Pakhi made use of a trick to obtain Vinayak back. Pakhi is likely to seek assistance.

Then, at the beginning, Sai tears gazed at the picture of Vinayak. She was having fun with the doll, and tears will show up when Virat is about to arrive. He’s devastated as he looks at her current state. He offers her food and asks her to take his food, however she’s not responsive to Virat. The body rests on her bed and doesn’t eat any food and then takes the photo frame that was taken by Vinayak. The picture is placed in her arms and she lies down, with her back to Virat. He tries to convince her however he does not succeed. When she is sad, she shuts her eyes and thinks about the time Virat removed her child in the name of Pakhi This baby.

Pakhi becomes the primary caregiver who looks after the infant and takes the infant along with her.

In the next 15 days, Pakhi becomes the primary caregiver who looks after the infant and takes the infant along with her. The moment she arrives, Sai comes in and demands that she allow Vinayak take off the sweater because it was very cold. Pakhi isn’t sure and claims the garment does not make him feel at ease wearing it. Sai is furious and grabs her child. She forces him to wear the sweater, and later the two of them play.

Pakhi decides to get Vinayak away from the home However, Sai is determined to stay at home and claims it’s too cold and not suitable for Vinayak. Pakhi insists Sai not give any advice as she is able to make the right choice for her child. However, Sai claims in the name of Pakhi to the contrary, she’s not the parent she is. Sai has also issued an explicit warning to Pakhi and has made herself accessible to anyone and everyone.

In another location, Chavans appears at ease and Bhavani states that everything is in order following having the baby Vinayak. In the meantime, Pakhi arrives holding the baby, as Virat declares that if son was there and was at the door to say good-bye. and he will be there. Sai is there and declares someone else will be waiting to pick up the baby. She requests that the police come in and everyone is confused.

The police have disclosed that they were the ones who were supposed to guard Pakhi and say Sai has accused Sai of Pakhi. Bhavani and Ninad are blaming Sai for her handling of Pakhi and demand that she hand over the complaint to them, however she has refused. Virat will attempt to assist Sai to be more accepting however she is refusing to let go of her decision.

In the next scene Sai informs the audience she believes that Pakhi has deceived them. Sai also informs the entire world about the wrongdoings done by Pakhi. Sai claims that Pakhi first tried manipulating Geeta before carrying out attacks on Sai to ensure that Sai could not be capable to reach her in time. Sai says that Pakhi has now been able to be able to touch her infant, and everyone is stunned.

Virat faces a stern rebuke from Pakhi She denies all allegations. Following the incident, the police officers claimed that Geeta had made an explanation to Pakhi and also Goons had also questioned by those who made remarks regarding her. Pakhi is stunned and stunned, as is Bhavani is furious and says she was unaware that Pakhi was that clever. Everyone is furious with Pakhi and she slams her.

Additionally, Pakhi says that she tried her best to safeguard Virat. Everyone looks at her with frustration, and she gets crying. She insists that they not remove Vinayak from her. However, Shivani is the one who is going to take Vinayak to prison. Bhavani is angry with Pakhi but she says she should not let her detained as it could damage their reputation. Virat is opposed to her choice and requests police to detain Pakhi. Virat says that she should get punished because of her behavior.