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Banni Chow: The Home Delivery Date: 13th August 2022, updated episode Banni’s Dilemma

Banni insists on Viraj to get out of the room. Viraj ignores her. Banni wants to know what she missed hearing from Viraj. Manini demands everyone get to Bannis Room. Viraj promises to greet Banni into the Rathore mansion, after that, he will leave. Manini wants Yuvan to wash his teeth. She informs Banni that as a woman and an MIL is required to be able to share some information with her. She also says that Yuvan is like a child, and isn’t sure how marriage or the night of first love are and that she must be able handle the incident in a responsible way. After Manini is gone, Banni feels helpless and is crying for her mother. A sad track is playing in the background.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Star Plus Serial Tv
Banni Chow Home Delivery Star Plus Serial Tv

Manini will do her best to calm Hemant, who is enraged. Hemant is asking why she chose to back Imlie. He cannot endure Banni’s stare at his house constantly. She tries to keep him from becoming angry. The man is doing his best to push her. She is shaking in discomfort. He notices an injury on his hand. He tries to locate an ointment that will help her. Mani remembers getting injured as she struggled to control her brother’s erratic behavior. He applies ointment to the wound and stitches it. She gets emotional and believes she’s not angry with Hemant since he’s innocent however, she’s angry at Devraj for destroying her family. She decides to strike back at Devraj.

Banni advises Yuvan that the room is the room of a couple and nobody is allowed to enter there. Yuvan insists that he doesn’t know Devraj and Myra and promises to notify Devraj regarding the situation. Banni says she’s talking to her late in the late at night. He says it’s okay. He says let us sleep now. He shuts the door. He is lying on the mattress and invites her to sleep on his side. He is sitting tense on the bed. Yuvan is interested in what they do in the evening If she doesn’t , he’ll be in touch with Devraj. Banni interrupts him and suggests that we have a playtime with an item. She selects her most beloved toy Bunty and decides to lie down on it. Yuvan is not sure and takes the toy. Banni says that, just like the toy, he’s not able to separate himself from his beloved toy. He claims that only he is entitled to be able to hold and even to sleep with the doll. Only he is the person to be able to do this and only the doll is able to be touch by him. He requests that she not be angry, and then kisses her.

She is nervous and informs her husband that she and her husband are the only people that can share their griefs and joys in a separate room that’s why nobody is allowed to enter their homes at night. Yuvan declares that they’re married and can be together in sadness and joy. He also insists that she be with him. She claims that she needs to make a change and she thinks that it will be difficult for her.

Banni Chow home delivery serial cast, story Channel Director, Producer

Banni Chow Home Delivery serial – The topic of women’s empowerment is getting more and more attention in recent times, many films and shows are being created about the topic. The new TV show Banni Chow Home Delivery is an adaptation of this topic.

The brand new Hindi serial is a novel concept and falls within the realm of romance and drama because of its intriguing storyline. Due to the captivating plotline, which was evident in the trailer viewers were captivated by the series from the moment the beginning of Episode 1.

Banni The Chow the home delivery serial made

The main character of Banni will be played by Banni who will be played by an actress Ulka Gupta. Pravisht Mishra who been seen in this television show Barrister Babu will be the male character of Ulka Gupta.

Other major cast members of the series are Alpesh Dixit, Neelam Gupta Loonkar Ansh Pandey Harsh Vashishth, as well as Ayush Anand. Of the course, they are many more in the story which will become known later in the course of the story as it is ongoing.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Story

As we have mentioned, the storyline for the television show Banni Chow: Home Delivery is an adaptation of the main female in the show, Banni in order to empower women. Banni has her own company of food delivery and also delivers food cooked at home to those who have just relocated to cities or seeking home-cooked meals.

While the main story is around Banni’s struggles, this story has a romantic edge to it. The viewers experience captivating interaction between Banni as well as the main character, a female Yuvan in the story.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Telecast Channel

This program Banni Chow : Home Delivery is set to be telecast on Star Plus from 30th May 2022. The show will air every day for half an hour, but not on Sundays. You can tune in to Star Plus from Monday to Saturday, at 9 pm, to watch this exciting and fresh show.

If you aren’t able to connect to Star Plus and yet wishes to watch the show you could stream this show through the OTT services like Hotstar. The show can be streamed via Disney Plus Hotstar at your most suitable time.

Banni Chow producer of Home Delivery

This show Banni Chow Home Delivery is created through Shashi Sumeet Mittal of Shashi Sumeet Productions, the producer house. Shashi Sumeet Productions.

Banni Chow Director of Home Delivery

Jaladh J. Sharma directs the TV series Banni Chow Home Delivery. Star Plus is well known for its thrilling and dramatic serials. Banni Chow Home Delivery is one of them which has already attracted many viewers to its. The series was developed by the makers of the famous Star Plus serial Diya aur Bati which been able to keep viewers hooked to the TV screen for an extended time.

The plotline of the program Banni Chow Home Delivery has been going well since the very first episode. It will be fascinating to keep track of various twists that viewers will enjoy as the unfolds.

Banni Chow home delivery: Rushita Vaidya

Rushita Vaidya, who was in her role as Preet for Patiala Babes was also approached to be the character Banni. However she had some personal concerns.