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Paras Kalnawat provides evidence that Anupamaa’s Rupali Ganguly did not contact the former employee after his departure”They want to remain …’

The actor Anupamaa Paras Kalnawat’s roles as an actor ended in the last few days after he decided to join Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10. He also revealed that his screen mom, Rupali Ganguly who is also known as Anupamaa didn’t contact him after his dismissal.

Paras Kalnawat’s end of contract in Anupamaa was an enormous shock to the public and his co-stars. His contract as an actor canceled due to the fact that he chose to join Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10.. The producers of Anupamaasaid they didn’t know about Paras signing up for Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10.


In an interview Paras claimed that they knew about that they knew about it. He claimed that the statement that was released by the production company was merely a publicity tactic and is about politics. He also stated the fact that Rajan Shahi was not willing to talk to the actor after his departure.

He also shared that he received an email about his dismissal at 8 pm and then received a call about the same thing from his production company. However, soon the details were in the news. He also stated that if he had been given the chance to explain what happened, the issue would have been dealt with.

But, the most surprising part Paras spoke about was the reactions that his actors from Anupamaa. The team from Anupamaa is an excellent bond outside of the screen. They’re constantly posting BTS images and videos.

Paras played the role of on-screen the son to Rupali Ganguly and they also shared an intimate relationship off-screen. But, Paras was surprised that Rupali Ganguly didn’t contact Paras or text him following the entire incident. Paras said, ” I am actually shocked that only a handful of them called me once they found out about the incident (termination).”

He said that Aashish Mehrotra, his screen brother of Anupamaa was a fan of his post , in which he talked about his final date as Samar. “Apart from that nobody even was a fan of the post as they are on the good side of creators. I totally understand their motivations also, “Paras said.

He also stated the just Nidhi Shah Sudhanshu Pandey and Muskan Bamne called him as Alpana Buch, and Madalsa Sharma texted him.

Anupamaa written updates, July 29, 2022: Kavya supports Anupamaa as Pakhi insults her

The most recent installment of Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Anupamaa starts with Kavya asking Choti Anu to stay inside for a bit of time to play. Choti Anu isn’t interested and tells her she can’t abandon her mother. Pakhi becomes angry and screams to choti Anu. She requests her to leave because it’s her home is her Pakhi’s.

Anupamaa tries to convince Pakhi not to behave inappropriately with children. But, Pakhi does not listen and is rude to choti Anu. Kavya and Kinjal shout at Pakhi and request her to behave. Kavya claims that she’s never seen a girl so sloppy before. Pakhi ridicules Kavya as well as Kinjal also.

Rakhi Dave inquires Baa whether she’ll speak about Pakhi or not, as she’s acting inappropriately. Vanraj requests Pakhi not to behave badly, however she wants her to give her a opportunity to let her emotions out. Anupamaa wants choti Anu to play with her friends. Choti Anu states that Pakhi is not allowed to be a troublemaker with her mother.

Bapuji is there and informs choti Anu to know that God punishes people who disrespect their mother. He then takes Choti Anu out with him. Pakhi Then, he tells Anupamaa about how poor a mother she is and how she will never have her children smiling. Pakhi ridicules Anupamaa and claims she is the most selfish mom ever.

She is also blaming Anupamaa for the problems taking place in family members of the Shah family. Pakhi also reveals how Anupama wants control over the lives of everyone. Rakhi supports Pakhi but Kinjal gives Rakhi a befitting reply. But, Rakhi says that she is more a good mother than Anupamaa because she isn’t as likable to Pakhi. Kavya doesn’t like her opinion. Kavya is looking to Vanraj and hopes that he’ll hinder her but he does not. Kavya remembers that Anupamaa has always been there for her, even when she felt she was a bad person.

Kavya gets angry at Pakhi and then reveals her support for Anupamaa. Kavya says she’s grateful that she doesn’t have children as she doesn’t wish to have children similar to Pakhi. Kavya also demonstrates to Pakhi the truth that she’s only worried with her happiness.

On the otherhand, Bapuji offers choti Anu an ice cream roll, but she rejects and says she can’t be content if her mother gets injured. Pakhi continues to insult Anupamaa and Kavya wants Vanraj to make a statement, but he refuses as he would like Anupamaa to be far from the Shah home.

Baa Then, she intervenes and tells Anupamaa to never go back to the Shah house ever again.

Gaurav Khanna reacts reports of the death of Anuj in Rupali Ganguly’s Anupamaa He says “I am completely …’

Television star Gaurav Khanna opened up the reports of the portrayal of Anuj passing away in the popular show Anupamaa. He is a talented performer who plays alongside Rupali Ganguly on the daily soap, expressed his reaction to the reports of Anuj’s passing. A new trailer for the show has raised speculations regarding his character’s demise.

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s starrer Anupamaa is managed to keep viewers hooked to their TV sets. Even as several shows have seen being cut within a couple of months of their debut Anupamaa has been atop the TRP charts for the past two years.

Star Plus’ official Instagram account for Star Plus has shared a new advertisement, which has the people who follow the channel worried. In the video Anuj’s photo frame could be seen falling the direction of Anupamaa. The moment the promo was made public, fans began thinking that it might hint that the track of Anuj could end up on the soap of the day. The clip has gone viral through social networks, has sparked speculation about the death of Anuj.

Gaurav Khanna when he was interacting with a major daily, spoke out about the rumors floating around online about the Anuj’s death in the film Anupamaa. Without giving details actor Yeh Pyaar Na Hog Kam actor revealed that he is completely confident in the vision of producer Rajan Shahi and is not aware of the track’s future.

“All I can tell you for the moment is I’m totally dedicated to Anupamaa and Star Plus. I believe in Rajan Shahi’s plan. I am not sure what’s in store for the race. That’s why I’d prefer the crowd to stay and be patient,” Gaurav Khanna told Indian Express.

Anupamaa has been in the news since the producers ended Paras Kalnawat’s contract as an actor due to breaching the conditions in the agreement. The production house released an announcement to say that Paras was fired after contracting Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10 on another channel.

“We as a producer firm do not accept any breaches of contract. We have ended his work as an actor immediately beginning. We wish him the best in his future endeavours,” Rajan Shahi said in an announcement.